Our Story

Northwest Waterproofing was born out of a desire to provide the Pacific Northwest with quality Residential and Commercial waterproofing service with a strong sense of professionalism.  NWWP places value on clear communication and guarantees the waterproof integrity of each completed project.  NWWP provides a wide selection of waterproofing services using only high performance materials from established manufacturers.

Owner Brad Dowers was born and raised in Portland.  He has been speaking the language of waterproofing since he was just a kid. Brad is a third generation waterproofer. Through over 15 years of hands-on experience installing a wide variety of waterproofing systems, and in many cases repairing the failed waterproofing attempts of other contractors, Brad has gained an appreciation for the importance of following manufacturer’s application guidelines to the letter. It is far too costly to return to a completed project, especially if it is below grade, to make repairs. That is why every job we do we do the right way the first time; conservatively, not cutting corners or compromising on proper preparation and detailing. Once we get a contract in hand we don’t care what it takes to do the job right. We just do it. We stay focused on the critical objective of providing a watertight installation every time we walk onto a jobsite. Our technicians are trained to be meticulous, and to be proud of their work. Because you, the customer, depend on it.

Brad has been successful because he has developed his problem solving and troubleshooting skills and honed his waterproofing application methods. When new technology becomes available it is evaluated for its efficacy and affordability. This drive to always be improving applies to all phases of the construction process from estimating, bidding, project management to project closeout. That mindset embodies the values and integrity that Northwest Waterproofing offers.

Northwest Waterproofing offers a comprehensive array of services in both Commercial and Residential construction. We proudly service the northwestern United States from Newport, Oregon to Bellevue, Washington - and all points in between.

If you have a project that involves waterproofing, call the waterproofing experts: Northwest Waterproofing (503.660.8373). You can also email us at Info@nwWaterproofing.com